〒277-0911 68-1, Minowa Shinden, Kashiwa-City, Chiba Prefecture
Opposite Michi no Eki Shonan on Route 8 (Route Funadori)




岩盤浴 ラジウム洞



高濃度炭酸泉 ヴィーナスの湯

Enjoy the ten kinds of hot spring baths in this spa resort that is situated along the banks of Teganuma Lake.

For long, Teganuma region been the source of livelihood for many.
History shows that it has been inhabited since the Jomon Period, and during Heian Period, it was called Tekanoura.
It was embraced by the cultured during the Taisho Period, and through all generations, it has attracted many.
One day, in this elegant region of Teganuma, hot spring water gushed up from below the ground as though God were calling out to the people.
The resort has since come to be called “Teganuma Hot Springs,” named after the region.
Rich in sodium, spring water does not cool easily and is often called “thermal water.”
We hope that this spa resort, so appropriate to this region, will serve as an interactional setting for all those who come to visit.

Using the Resort Facilities

①Put your shoes inside the shoe locker. Lock

  • We ask that you use no more than one locker per person.
  • Have a 100 yen coin ready for the locker.
  • The 100 yen coin will be returned to you when you leave.
  • Please be careful not to lose 100 yen coin.

②Take the shoe locker key to the front desk.

  • You will receive a wrist band to wear inside the resort.
  • A wristband is required to use the facility. (Partially cash)




Opening hours

9:00~24:00(last entry: 23:30)


The third Thursday of the month

Next closure

June 20  

  Weekdays Weekends and national holidays
Adults (junior high school and older) 860 970
Children (3 years old and older) 490 550
Bedrock bath
(junior high school and older)
* Admission fee will be charged separately.
550 660
Weekday coupons
(10 coupons/book)
* Also available on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, an additional 100 yen will be charged at the time of payment.
Towel set
(face towel/bath towel)
Face towel 180
Bath towel 280
Robe 350

Prices are inclusive of consumption tax

This payment is cash only

Open-Air Bath

Region’s Largest Free-Flowing Hot Spring Bath

Enjoy the three types of free-flowing hot spring baths.

Quality Hot Spring Water

The hot spring water that gushes up from 1800m below the ground has high scarcity value. Rich in hot spring ingredients (high density of sodium chloride) and of high temperature at 40.5℃, the water has outstanding hot spring benefits.

Stone Spa Bath

Stone Spa Bath (Free-flowing Hot Spring Bath)

This is an open-air free-flowing hot spring bath. Stretch your legs and relax, and feel the nature!

Venus Bath

Venus Bath (circulating spring water)

It has scientifically been proven that high density carbonated hot spring water improves blood circulation. It can help boost metabolism and make the skin radiant.

Indoor Bath

Spacious Indoor Bath

Therapeutic bath with outstanding health and beautifying benefits

Luxurious Space, Surrounded by the Aroma of Warm Wood

The indoor baths offer a spacious, relaxing space. There are five types of baths and sauna that have health and beautifying benefits. Surround yourself with the warmth of the wood as you experience the slow passage of time.

Indoor Bath

Bedrock Bath

Gently Wraps Your Body and Mind

There are three types of bedrock baths.

Therapeutic Bedrock Bath

The low temperature sauna slowly warms your body to the core. There are three types of bedrock baths.

  • Radium Springs Cave

Radium Springs Cave

Radium Springs Cave

This is a low temperature sauna that uses a radium-inclusive plate for each layer. *The hot spring water contains radium that is found in the waters of Tamagawa Hot Spring and Misasa Hot Spring, both which are known for their therapeutic benefits. The tub uses Hokutolite plates made from specially treated Arita porcelain magnet.






External Facilities



〒277-0911 68-1, Minowa Shinden, Kashiwa-City, Chiba Prefecture

Opposite Michi no Eki Shonan on Route 8 (Route Funadori)

TEL: 04-7191-4126

Look up on Map Fan

《If you are coming by car using a GPS》

If that is the case, search for “Michi no Eki Shonan.” The GPS will guide you to the nearby area.

《Bus (Bando Bus)》

From south exit of Abiko station on JR Joban-line, take the bus to Tega-no-Moti New Town. Get off at Michi no Eki Shonan-mae (about ten minutes from Abiko station).

For Your Safety

For your safety, our baths meet the inspection standards of the Public Bath House Act and furthermore, are regulated by stringent in-house bathing standards. Bathing inspections are usually carried out twice a year. However, in our establishmeny, they are carried out once a month. We also pay the utmost attention to safety and hygiene. In addition to daily cleansing filtration, the baths are disinfected with high concentration chlorine once a week. Every three months, they are chemically cleaned. You can rest assured that we take sanitation control very seriously.

We look forward to welcoming you!